Mostly Mixed Nuts

Every handy person has a jar/bin/drawer full of odd leftover or salvaged attachment hardware. I have a yogurt container full of screws and a marmalade jar full of bolts and nuts. Plus a mini-cabinet with drawers labeled by size and pitch from my electronics daze. Um, days.

Mixed Nuts

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On the other hand, the collection I hereby declare as today’s object was found lying on the street by my car. It did briefly flash across my surreal cerebrum that my car was leaking nuts. Lovely Assistant suggested that the license plate thief left them. I settled on the thought  that someone’s spare parts bin probably spilled from their tailgate. But it got me thinking about the value of such collections.

Is it just that some of us cannot bear to throw anything away? Do we really think that a single rusty square nut will find a home in some future project? Will we remember to search the bin when we actually find an unmatched mate? And “What About Naomi?

I raided my own collection recently: A rivet popped from our recliner mechanism, and I found some bolts and nuts that made an adequate repair. Yes, I wrapped the threads with foil to prevent the mechanism from binding.

The payoff is that I did not have to go to the hardware store. And there is a warm satisfaction in having reused items that otherwise are rarely even recycled. And a bit of relief that I did, in fact, find a use for a tiny part of the whole disorganized collection.


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