A New Coat for Santa

Many years ago, we received a seasonal cookie jar, a Chinese made porcelain Santa that (if memory serves) was full of something. Each year we would take it out and just use it as part of our holiday ambiance. But then his coat began to fade. Only the red did shed. At first, we ignored the few missing flakes. As years and flakes passed, he was delegated to a background role, and finally hidden away. By then he also had a bad crack halfway around, as well. Obviously a dollar store throwaway item finally ready to become landfill after a dozen years of use.

Yet, I had long thought of repainting his coat. But when I did, either the weather was not suitable for good ventilation, or the season was wrong to inspire me. So he continued to languish, kept but unloved.

But December first, 2012 was a very warm day. Warm enough to open up the house to warm it up a little. So I dug an old roll of masking tape out of the basement, and in dozens of niggling little segments, covered everything but the white-that-should-be-red. I scuffed the red-to-be zone with a 3-M nylon scrubber, and used some more tape to pull of the loose flakes.

Santa Stripped

I found some red spray paint that I got at a yard sale a couple of years back, and had at him. I gave Santa’s coat three coats on top of an old dishwasher box in the garage that had clearly been used as a paint station for ages.

Once the paint was dry, peel off the tape, and let the chubby guy have his cookie.


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