Fantastic Filter Idea

I live in an old house with radiators and seasonal window air conditioners. This is more energy efficient than a central forced air system. However, one issue with this set up is that dust tends to accumulate on everything at a rate not known by people with central heating and cooling systems that filter the air all the time. One answer is to buy expensive air filtering systems. Some work well, and others not so much. And the custom replacement filters for those are ridiculously profitable; much like printer ink.

Anyway, today’s object at hand is a way to cheap out on clean air. Window box fans are cheap. Generic 20″ x 20″ furnace filters are cheap. So here we have a simple, quiet, affordable solution.

Basement Air Filter

I happened to be near the one in my basement work area when I thought of writing this, so here is a less typical placement for my cheap-fan-cheap-filter solution to keep my tools cleaner. This fan is attached to the light circuit, so it pulls in dust and circulates air whenever someone is down there.

It also shares the room with the clothes dryer, the reason for which will become apparent in my next post, A Dryer for Moister Air.

1 Response to “Fantastic Filter Idea”

  1. 1 Wade February 19, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Would you be shocked to learn that I’ve tried this sort of thing as well? The big difference between this and the expensive air filtering devices is that the latter have HEPA filters, which remove much smaller particles than an inexpensive pleated filter, particles that are particularly problematic to people who suffer allergies. If one wanted to remove allergens from the air, on might consider trying this with an HVAC system filter with a moderate to high MERV rating (?8-10??), which might be cheaper than the HEPA filters (might not be that easy to find retail, however).

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