Comic Coffee Kamikaze

This post relates obliquely to the comic strip FoxTrot, where one recurring theme involved the trials of the father, Roger, in obtaining his morning coffee. It embodied the idea that it is nigh impossible to perform the coffee making procedure until one has had his coffee. A quick Google Image Search will give you an idea.

Anyway, the Object at Hand today is a coffee grinder that we got at a yBurr Grinderard sale some years ago. It was actually free, because the seller sheepishly admitted that it did not work reliably. I’m up for a challenge at that price.

Once I got it home, I spent a while checking out the various likely failure places; mostly the safety interlocks that prevent it from running if everything is not in place and closed. Kind of like how we got a free microwave. One of the sensor switches fell short, so I beefed it up with a dab of epoxy. After that, the burr grinder did its duty with aplomb.

However, it had a tendency to wander on the counter top as it grinds; usually toward the edge. But after many carefully watched sessions I learned to trust that it never actually reached the edge, no matter how close it started.

Suicidal grinderUntil today. I started the grinder and blithely turned to start the kettle.

“Whirrrr…Thump! Crack! Swish!”

You may note in the upper picture that the grounds cup already had several cracks in it. Those are from earlier events of just dropping the cup itself, and have been repaired. This time the cup survived, as did the mechanism. But my coffee was everywhere! And I had to clean it up before I could make the coffee I needed to be alert enough to clean it up.

My finely honed forensic senses told me that the rubber feet were dusty, allowing the device to wander over the precipice instead of bogging down at the subtle rise of the edge.

So now I check to see that the feet are clean, as well as that the dial is set correctly, and that there is coffee in the feeder before I push the button.

Maybe the comic Too Much Coffee Man is more to the point.


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