Getting Board, Yet?

One of my first purchases for my kitchen when I first lived alone as a college student was a cutting board. Almost 40 years later, I am still using this board. But it has suffered some minor stories along the way. Today’s Object at Hand hangs those stories on the latest repair to this useful tool.

The two sides of the newly glued seam

The first repair was when it was only a few years old, and I used it to opena coconut. It split along one of the original glue lines. I just stuck it back together with wood glue.

A decade or so later, I got it in my head to try sealing it with paraffin wax, hopefully reducing how often I needed to oil it. So I warmed it in the oven and melted wax into the surface. And left it in there to cool and harden. Yep, I forgot it was in the oven. The next time I went to preheat, one side got roasted a pleasant brown. No problem. And the wax did seem to keep the surface water repellent for quite a while.

This latest repair was because the board was left sitting in a puddle on the counter, and then I used the board to pound on something. Again. The not-really-waterproof wood glue from way back when gave up.

This time I tried a newfangled polyurethane Gorilla Glue. I applied the glue to one side, and moistened the other, and clamped the pieces together with an old inner tube. This type of adhesive is for rough surfaces, and foams up, expands. So here we see (in the picture) the great stuff that oozed out of the crack and dried. After these pictures, I shaved off the glue with a sharp knife, and one can barely see the crack. And the board lives to be cut upon another decade.

As long as I remember not to use it as a mallet.

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